Sorry for the inconvenience...

August 20 2009: We encountered trouble
with the Adobe shockwave plugin updated 20-08-2009 and had to take down the site since it became unusable.

September 08 2009: The site will remain down indefinately
since adobe has removed some core functionality we were using from its plugin.

December 02 2009: aether3D will be rewritten
into open standards (possibly webgl) some time in the future and will reopen from there on. Please do not get exited yet though, we still are licking our wounds from our previous experience.
News will come one day but there are things to be done first. For example webGL to get wide support in browserland.

December 05 2009: We would like to extend a thank you
to everybody who participated in the aether3D experiment. Beta testers and Model developers we owe You our gratitude and count on Your support when we bring aether3D back. Sorry that we couldn't provide what you needed.

The team